First Things First

Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of Mother’s Love.

– Maureen Hawkins

It was early in the morning and Baby J’s father, my husband, had gone to the gym. Usually I would go, but something made me not want to on this particular morning. I’d missed my period, and I was hopeful that I was pregnant. I took the test, and sure enough it was positive. What a relief! It felt like a miracle in comparison to the nightmare we had just been through just a few months earlier when I miscarried. Cautiously hopeful we celebrated by sharing the news with our parents and downloading, once again, the What to Expect app.

The app is an abbreviated version of the best-selling pregnancy book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which, by the way, I totally recommend. If you do get the book, make sure you get the latest edition because things change all the time.

Here are the top reasons I loved the app:

  • It does exactly what it says; it tells you what to expect
  • See what’s going on inside. It tells you about each stage in your baby’s development on a weekly basis. The app even has videos showing you what’s going on inside. My husband is in the video industry, so we’d watch the videos over breakfast on a Saturday morning though they aren’t always appetite producing.
  • Check your symptoms with what is “normal” for this stage in your pregnancy, again on a weekly basis.
  • Talk to your peers in the forums available in the app Community. This includes forums for parents with similar due dates, health concerns, ages, locations, etc. Search within the forums for keywords or topics. Bookmark certain posts to check back for updates. It can get overwhelming, so I’d recommend only joining one or two and checking in on others as you wish.
  • Keep a weekly photo journal. This part of the app is not as user friendly and it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles other photo apps have, but it’s nice if you want to only download one app. Another great app for milestone photos is the Baby Story app. Many of their “stickers” are free and it’s easy to use it to post to other social media accounts as well.
  • Links to other helpful articles and videos within What to Expect’s website. The app suggests relevant articles for each stage of your pregnancy. Many are quite helpful while others are more geared at selling products.

Aside from the above listed features there are also other features I didn’t find as helpful, but you can discover what works for you by downloading the app.

Other apps to download in preparation for baby:

  • A simple contractions timer for the last weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Babylist app to help consolidate your registry
  • If you’re married download Lasting, an app to help you nurture your marriage at any stage. Husbands can feel like they’re the last priority during this time, but this app will send you reminders to encourage your husband in the simplest of ways. It can also be used by husbands to help them encourage you!

And if you’re trying to get pregnant try the Period Tracker app or a similar app to track ovulation.

Please leave your questions and comments below. Thanks!

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